Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Electro-mechanical assemblies utilize electrical and mechanical components to perform a variety of operations.
We specialize in contract manufacturing with complete testing and quality control standards.
At ABS, our core competency has always been building wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Throughout the years, as more and more customers recognized the superiority of our products, services, and customer-oriented mindset, they asked us to expand our manufacturing capabilities to encompass complete part and product assemblies. Today, box-builds and electro-mechanical assemblies are an important part of our business, as many of our customers rely on us to bring their designs to life.
Electrical and electronic systems contain a variety of electro-mechanical components and subassemblies. The process of integrating these components into an enclosure or panel is referred to as a box-build or system integration. It can range from simple to complex depending on its purpose and production specifications. Typically, it will include installing all the necessary components and subassemblies as well as routing the wires and cables. A box-build may even include fabricating or procuring the enclosure or panel.