Fabrication is at the core of AbS Industry. We have served the commercial and industrial manufacturing industry with distinction for almost 100 years. We are committed to meeting each client’s technical, cost and scheduling needs, regardless of the size or complexity of the job. Our skilled field personal and support staff combine the latest techniques and technology with practical knowledge gained from years of experience to ensure top quality and efficient service.

Panel Assembly

ABS Industry specializes in high-quality, repeatable control panel assembly. Our facilities are designed to handle any assignment, from simple, high-volume assemblies to complex custom projects requiring multiple levels of sub assemblies – and everything in between.
We control every step, to ensure your project meets the highest possible standards. Our full machine shop, including mills and lathes, keeps box development and assembly under one roof to increase quality and decrease delivery times while maintaining the lowest possible pricing. Our custom machined boxes and threaded holes ensure precise placement of all components and efficient routing. We specialize in control panels with external wiring through cable glands and grommets, achieving levels of quality that just aren’t possible without the precision processes we offer. We also build custom test boxes for repeat orders to electrically test each unit, creating a very repeatable process with extremely high levels of precision for each assembly.

Cable and Wire Harness

While many professionals refer to cable assemblies and wire harnesses interchangeably, these multi-wire (or multi-cable) arrangements can be crafted differently to serve different purposes for unique environments and applications.
Simply put, a wire harness is the exterior covering, or sheath, that protects an inner conductor or bundle of conductors. These inner components may already have sheaths for insulation and protection, or they may rely on the wire harness to create an ideal operational environment. Either way, the wire harness provides critical organization at the heart of a system, and does so with a simple, straightforward, low-cost design.
Wiring harnesses are designed to be simple yet effective, which keeps their cost down compared to more complex harnessing solutions. In many cases, a standard wire harness will provide all of the components necessary to optimize any interconnection requirements.
Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable can assemble a variety of such harnesses, and our experts can help you determine what will fit your needs. However, if your needs are especially complex or specific, we also offer custom harnesses.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

At ABS, our core competency has always been building wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Throughout the years, as more and more customers recognized the superiority of our products, services, and customer-oriented mindset, they asked us to expand our manufacturing capabilities to encompass complete part and product assemblies. Today, box-builds and electro-mechanical assemblies are an important part of our business, as many of our customers rely on us to bring their designs to life.
Electrical and electronic systems contain a variety of electro-mechanical components and subassemblies. The process of integrating these components into an enclosure or panel is referred to as a box-build or system integration. It can range from simple to complex depending on its purpose and production specifications. Typically, it will include installing all the necessary components and subassemblies as well as routing the wires and cables. A box-build may even include fabricating or procuring the enclosure or panel.


One of the biggest advantages of ABS machining is precision. Our machines are able to achieve accuracy within 1/1000th. Plus, ABS machining services significantly reduce the risk of human error.
ABS machines can output unrivaled consistency. Each part is a perfect match to your prototype and manufactured to your exact specifications.
Lower Costs
In most cases, ABS machining achieves lower costs through efficiency, speed, reduced labor costs, and reduced material waste due to error. That all translates into a better bottom line for your business.
A big advantage of ABS machining is the ability to manufacture virtually any part you need. From auto manufacturers to cabinet makers, and from defense manufacturers to agricultural machines, ABS machining services offer a unique ability to produce highly specialized parts.

Sheet Metal

ABS is certified sheet metal fabricator. Capabilities include fully-automated CNC laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC panel bending and 5-axis laser welding along with conventional fabricating processes. Services include product development, rapid prototyping and inventory management. Markets include OEMs in a range of industries including medical, office furniture, HVAC, appliance and food service equipment. Materials include carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum up to 3/8 in. thick.